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What I will not do in the new year

It’s already the second full week of the new year and I still need to create my vision board. I guess I’ve been busy having fun the past few weekends to find time to sit down and be creative! As I thought of my visions and goals for 2014, I also started thinking of the

15 lessons I learned from cancer

A few weeks ago I faced a remarkable anniversary. Fifteen years since I walked out of the hospital, finished with my cancer treatment. Some days it feels like more than 15 years; other days it feels like last week. Cancer changed my life in ways I can never put into words or onto paper. When

15 activities cancer taught me I can do

On Thursday, it will be 15 years since I walked out of the hospital, finished with my treatment for bone cancer. The final chemo completed dripping and the rescue drugs flushed my system. I still had some blood transfusions and plenty of tests to complete, but I can vividly recall the warmth of the sun

For the love of my mother

As Mother’s Day approaches, I am reminded how incredibly blessed I am to have had strong, kind women in my life. From my mom to my grandmothers to aunts to family friends, I have had excellent role models give thousands of examples of how to love yourself and others. I am grateful for the opportunities

Lessons from the job searching world

Many of you know I left my position as executive director of a small nonprofit a few months ago to get back into the public relations/marketing. I admit I was certain I’d have a new job pretty quickly but for various reason, I’m still job searching (I really hate being told I’m over-qualified). I’m finally receiving calls

Let’s each do a daily random act of kindness

A trending topic on Twitter this week is #26Acts, which encourages people to do 26 random acts of kindness in honor of those killed last week at Sandy Hook elementary school. An interesting and touching way to honor those who died so senselessly. But why stop at 26 acts? And why did it take those

Time to celebrate old and new holiday traditions

December is half-way gone already. Wow, how this year flew by quickly. I sometimes can’t believe how time moves. I recall my grandparents commenting how much faster time flies when you’re older, but I never understood until now. Does that mean I’m ‘older?’ Or maybe as you age, you have the gift of hindsight so

Small town school with a big heart

A few weeks ago I learned that a high school classmate was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a sad moment for me. While we haven’t kept in touch very often since high school, it is always sad to hear that someone you know and care about is affected by that frustrating disease. I have very fond

The simple things in life

Every so often my head feels like it might explode as it gets overloaded with thoughts, ideas and plans. So not literally explode (thankfully). It makes me feel overwhelmed and I start to focus too much on silly little things that really don’t need that much attention. 2 And every so often a man very

Welcome to my hangout

To start this blog off, I guess I should share a bit about me. It seems the thing to do, if I base that on the many blogs I’ve read by others. So this is me. 2 I turned 35 years old last week. 2 I’m not someone who dreads a birthday, cringes at the