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4 tips to welcome a new year

It’s probably safe to state that everyone is ready to flip the calendar on 2020. A new year so often offers hope and a fresh start to many. I believe 2021 is very welcome. As we get ready for the big countdown, I wanted to share 4 tips to welcome a new year so you

Back to basics in the new year (5 goals for 2017)

A few months back a friend talked me into going to see a tarot card reader to find out what’s in store for my future. I had never been to one and admit I had bit of trepidation. What might she tell me? 2 The woman was very welcoming and sweet. She asked what I

New year, new outlook

2 This new year is kind of a big deal for me. I’m glad to see 2014 fade away as it had more challenges in my personal life than I preferred. So I have expectations and hopes that 2015 will be filled with more happiness, less stress, less tears and more fun. 2 I will

What I will not do in the new year

It’s already the second full week of the new year and I still need to create my vision board. I guess I’ve been busy having fun the past few weekends to find time to sit down and be creative! As I thought of my visions and goals for 2014, I also started thinking of the