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Geocaching with my niece

My 9-year-old niece heard me talking about geocaching a few months ago and continued to ask when I would take her to see what it entailed. We were overdue for some one-on-one time so I recently planned an outing with her to (hopefully) find some caches. 2 If you’re unfamiliar with geocaching, I liken it

10 ways to be a cool aunt

It’s no secret that I love being an aunt to four beautiful nieces and one handsome nephew. Their ages range from almost 4 years to 19 years, providing diverse conversations, activities and memories. 2 I find contentment with the love and laughter these amazing kids bring to my life. From the moment my oldest niece

Pottery painting brightens the day with my niece

I take my role as an aunt very seriously. I want to be someone my nieces and nephew can always turn to for advice, hugs, adventure, love and support. So it’s important to me to build a good relationship with each of them, which includes quality time together. My recent “quality time” outing was with