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Craft shows offer great gift and home decorating ideas

A favorite fall tradition for me is wandering through local craft shows. Something about craft shows in the fall puts me in the mood for the upcoming holidays (which are coming whether we’re ready or not!). I’ve purchased some great handmade items for the house and as gifts over the years. 2 Part of the

Time to celebrate old and new holiday traditions

December is half-way gone already. Wow, how this year flew by quickly. I sometimes can’t believe how time moves. I recall my grandparents commenting how much faster time flies when you’re older, but I never understood until now. Does that mean I’m ‘older?’ Or maybe as you age, you have the gift of hindsight so

O Christmas Tree

I recently went on a whirlwind work trip (ie, barely 28 hours on the ground) to Washington, DC for a meeting at our  headquarters’ office. We flew into DC on Wednesday evening and went to the Kellari Taverna for a wonderful dinner. After the meal, several coworkers mentioned walking to the White House to see

Thanksgiving blessings

The holiday season is right around the corner; less than 24 hours until Thanksgiving. One of my favorite holidays. A perfect time to give thanks for my loveable family, sweet boyfriend, amazing friends, good health and so much more. 2 For me, Thanksgiving has always been a holiday of giving thanks and spending time with

For the kids who make me laugh & love

We recently celebrated my youngest niece’s fourth birthday, complete with party and presents. Birthdays tend to be celebrations in my family. My parents always made a big deal out of birthdays during childhood – my sisters and I always had birthday parties and even missed a day of school for special milestones, like turning 13.

Ho, ho holiday traditions

Traditions. Whether holiday, family or other traditions, most of us, if not all, have these special moments that we remember. What is it that pulls us to repeat activities over and over? Is it the feelings of happiness, love and nostalgia that traditions often bring?   The definition of a tradition is a practice, custom, or