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Yoga, good food and great conversations

My friend recently invited a few women to enjoy a relaxing day of yoga, food and friendship. I’m always up for that type of adventure so looked forward to the outing. 2 She invited us to first meet at Namaste Yoga in Royal Oak. Some of the women had not previously practiced yoga so we

Gratitude Project – week 3

Well, week 3 of my gratitude project ended yesterday. It was a long, tiring week that included hosting a big work event and several other activities that kind of drained me mentally and emotionally. I was grateful to have some special people bring laughs into my week, and some quiet moments to relax and unwind.

10 tips for relaxing

2 In this rat race we call life it’s not always easy to find five minutes of ‘alone time’ or quiet time to unwind and just breathe. But it’s critical to do just that. Slowing down, stepping back from challenging situations and finding time to focus on the joys of life help improve our lives

Tips for bringing your yoga practice home

One of my (many) health goals this year is to practice yoga more regularly. I love how relaxed it makes me feel, not to mention the fabulous stretches so many poses provide to my body. Yoga exercises focus on working both sides of the body to achieve equal balance, strength and flexibility. My excuse is

Techniques for a positive life

Between work and life issues that never seem to stop, sometimes the walls seem to press in on me. I’ve recently been focusing on techniques to help channel my positive energy and reduce anxiety and stress. 2 There are many great options to help alleviate stress, focus on positive aspects of life, reduce anxiety and

Get healthy and have fun…say what??

The first month of 2012 is almost at its end. How many of you made resolutions or set goals related to getting active and in shape? How many of you are keeping those goals? I hope a lot of you raised hands! 2 Staying active and working out have thankfully been part of my lifestyle