The Power of Choice to improve your life

What will you CHOOSE today? This is a question that I ask myself daily. It’s an empowering awareness to know that you have the power of choice to improve your life.

When I cleared my third cancer in 2019, it was shocking, heart-shattering, sad. 💔 The first week after diagnosis, I spent a lot of time sitting on my bed staring out the window, feeling lost and anxious. But then one day, I realized that I could continue to focus on heavy feelings and the days could drag by…..or I could choose to focus on joy and gratitude each day no matter what else I faced.

The question of the day

So every morning I asked myself ‘what am I choosing today?‘ ☀️

And I’d think “Today I choose.…” Joy, resilience, courage, laughter, balance, whatever I wanted the theme to be that day.

Today I choose….

That soon became my mantra every day of treatment. And it continues still today.

Understanding that I have the POWER OF CHOICE was a GAME CHANGER for all areas of my life.💪🏻

When I realized that our thoughts influence our emotions and impact our outlook and actions in life, it really made me focus on being more aware of what I was choosing. Reminding myself that I have the power of choice in how I react and respond to what happens in my life helps me stay focused.

Being aware of what I can choose, especially my attitude, makes challenges feel more manageable and the days brighter. Knowing I get to choose what gets my focus and how I react to things opened the door to more ease in my life. Choosing to focus on the positive shifted my perspective to embrace living. I now wake excited for every day, grateful for every breath!

Knowing that YOU have the power of choice to improve your life, what will YOU CHOOSE today? ❤️

Choose inspiration today

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