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Tips for living your best life

Do you live fearlessly? Do you open your arms and mind to new experiences? Are you open to love? Afraid of change? Appreciate each day? Are you living your best life? I’m always looking for motivation and tips for living my best life. As a bone cancer, melanoma and now breast cancer survivor, I try to find value, beauty and appreciation in every day.

I too am always trying to live my best life and reminding myself not to get stuck in the drama, negativity, heartache, or fear. There are some days that admittedly would be easier sitting on the couch, letting someone walk out of your life, not sharing your feelings or saying no (when you deep down want to say YES!). But when we simply sit and let these opportunities and possibilities pass us by, what are missing out on that could positively change our path for the better? What other fun, love, adventures and opportunities may come from saying YES?!

Faced my fear and celebrated life by biking across Iowa, four weeks post-radiation

Here are some lessons that I’ve learned along this crazy, wild, beautiful journey of my life:

Face your fear and say yes as much as possible. “Action is the antidote to fear….the fastest way out of fear is through it~” Marie Fortes. I love this quote. One benefit to being a three time cancer survivor is my reminder to myself that I survived cancer three times – “this situation” (job interview, first date, sharing my emotions, whatever) can’t top that. So often we hesitate to pursue our dream, goals, love interest, new adventures because we’re afraid to fail, be rejected, scared it won’t work, we won’t be a winner, whatever. What if you said yes and stepped out of your comfort zone? Even if something doesn’t work out as we hope, odds are many lessons, personal growth and more will come from simply taking a chance.

Ask what else is possible? A simple question can powerfully change your perception of any situation. What else is possible after a cancer diagnosis? You learn a lot about yourself, can help others, advocate for research and so much more. What else is possible after heart break? It clears space for the right person to come into your life. What else is possible after a job loss? it might push you to look at something that really interests you – starting your own company, switching fields, going back to school. Tweaking your thoughts from challenges into possibilities changes your energy and emotions.

Don’t waste a day of your health or life. Take care of your body, be proactive with preventive screenings and annual wellness checks. As a three time cancer survivor, I am pretty obsessed with making sure I’m proactive in catching illness, managing side effects and keeping my body strong. It’s admittedly sometimes difficult to not look at ‘healthy’ people with no history of illness or need to modify who are idle and don’t take care of themselves. They can do so much without a second thought and yet so many choose an unhealthy life. I know it’s their lives so I seek patience. I believe you have to allow people to live how they want, yet admit it sometimes takes reminders and patience when I see others living unhealthy, feeling obligated to stay in a life that doesn’t bring joy and love or choosing to be negative and unhappy.

Looking for adventures!

Seek out new adventures and activities. Think outside the box – it’s an overused yet true cliche. I’ve pushed myself beyond my comfort zone and knowledge….and been greatly rewarded. Saying yes to biking across Iowa, rock climbing (fear of heights!), hot air balloon rides (see previous!), blind dates, teaching a backpacking class, last minute trips with friends and SO much more has brought loads of joy, courage, pride in myself, confidence and fun to my life. Not to mention the amazing people crossing my path.

Forget society’s trends and pressure. Only you get to decide what and who makes you happy. You are in charge of your happiness, goals and health. Don’t settle or choose a path because of obligation or someone else told you to choose that person, job, life path, activity, whatever. It’s your life. You can still be kind, responsible and help others without sacrificing your happiness, wants and needs.

Create your own happiness. Don’t wait for someone else to save you because you’ll be waiting a long time and never find happiness. I meet too many people who are waiting to meet ‘the one’ before they travel or do something, who think that someday their life or relationship or job will get better rather than focusing on either improving their current situation or seeking happiness elsewhere. Don’t sit around waiting for happiness to happen when you make it happen right now.

For me, every day is a new beginning and chance to live my best life. I am a constant work in progress. I don’t ever want to be perfect (and I am far from it). I want to take chances, share my feelings with people I love, laugh often, embrace the simple things, learn something new, experience joy and so much more. I want everyone to enjoy life and not take it for granted. I know not everyone has learned to look past the clouds to see the sunshine. That’s ok. It’s what makes this world so fascinating. But we only get one opportunity to enjoy and LIVE this life. So try, my friends, try.

What are some tips for living your best life?

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