Tips to enjoy indoor cycling classes

Indoor cycling classes are a great workout and lots of fun. Upbeat music, motivating instructors and being on a bike provide an energetic opportunity to burn calories. If you’ve never been, I wanted to share some tips to enjoy indoor cycling classes.

From dedicated cycling only studios to classes at gyms, there are a LOT of indoor cycling opportunities. You don’t have to be an outdoor biking enthusiast to enjoy the class. And contrary to popular belief, all fitness levels can participate. This is true about any type of fitness program so never be intimated to try something. You might love it!

While it varies by studio and class, some studios provide shoe rental (these are special shoes that clip into the pedals for safer, easier pedaling during class), as well as towels and water bottle. Check prior to class so you know what to bring. Some of the studios I’ve taken classes at have themes for classes – certain music genre or artist, happy hour, etc. It can be fun!

Here are some other tips to enjoy indoor cycling classes:

Go at your own pace.

Never feel pressure to ride at someone else’s pace. You do you for maximum enjoyment and benefit! These are high-energy classes but that doesn’t mean you have to keep up with the instructor or overdo it, especially if you don’t regularly exercise. But if you do often exercise, ride at comfortable pace. With a titanium rod in place of my femur, I can’t always maintain a fast pace nor ride at high resistance as it puts unnecessary pressure on the pin in my knee. So sometimes when the instructor says to increase resistance or speed, I simply smile and don’t change anything. If it’s too hard on my knee to get out of my saddle, then I don’t. I’m still getting a good workout, just going at my own pace.


Almost every activity can be modified in some way so anyone can participate. Ever since I had my femur replaced with a titanium rod due to bone cancer, I have to always be thoughtful of physical activities to ensure I don’t damage the remaining bone or hardware in my leg. But I like to be active. I simply modify exercises. As I mentioned above, sometimes I don’t increase speed or my butt stays in the saddle when everyone else stands up. This doesn’t mean I’m getting less benefits from the workout, it simply means I do what works for me.

Make sure the bike and equipment work for you.

Your shoes should be a comfortable fit. The seat and handlebars should be adjusted for your height and comfort. Get on the bike to test it out before the class starts. Ask the instructor or a staff person for assistance – don’t be embarrassed to ask; they’re there to help and ensure you enjoy the class!

Wear comfortable clothes.

Workout clothes work for these classes. Just make sure you’re comfortable and can easily move your legs when pedaling. Since I own cycling shorts for outdoor biking, I sometimes wear these padded pants. But not always and anything goes (try to avoid pants that are loose at the bottom so the cloth doesn’t get caught in the pedals or bike mechanics).

Find a friend.

I love participating in activities with friends! It helps to have someone supporting you.

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