Today I Choose products promote inspiration

I am SO EXCITED to share this special news – my Today I Choose products are now available! The Today I Choose products share affirmation messages to remind you that you can choose your attitude to bring ease, joy, courage – whatever you may need today and every day!

The Today I Choose series is a collection of products created to inspire people to lean into joy, courage, resilience and more. You’ll find affirmation cards, a journal (with writing prompts), digital products and more. And more is coming so go bookmark the store as a favorite!

These products are truly a work of love: Learning to love (and trust) myself through my life journey. The desire to share love and kindness with others. The interest in helping our communities through the pandemic and so much else by approaching situations through the lens of love. Embracing this crazy, imperfect, beautiful life with so much love and gratitude at being alive.

As you’ll read below, the idea began years ago in my mind, then in my own journal, slowly growing while I observed the changing world during the Covid-19 pandemic. I finally found the courage and love to share my learning with others. I hope these items provide the same ease, courage and joy to others as I’ve found.

Choosing this path during cancer.

The Today I Choose series was born out of my shift in perspective and attitude as I cleared breast cancer in 2019. Facing my third cancer was, of course, shocking, heart-shattering, sad. There were many days I sat on my bed staring out the window, feeling lost and anxious.

But then one day, I realized that I could continue to focus on those feelings and the days could drag by…..or I could seek out and choose joy in each day no matter what else I faced. I wanted more ease in my life, especially in the midst of cancer treatment, and I recognized that I was the one to bring it.

So I began asking myself ‘what am I choosing today?’

And I’d think “Today I choose….” Joy, resilience, courage, laughter, balance. Whatever I wanted to focus on to bring ease to my day. That soon became my mantra every day of chemo and radiation treatments and beyond.

And it continues today.

I learned that our thoughts can impact our outlook and actions in life. Changing my attitude helped make the days brighter. Focusing on what I can choose – my attitude – makes challenges feel a little more manageable and the days brighter. Knowing I get to choose what gets my focus and how I react to things opened the door to more ease in my life. These choices shifted my perspective to embrace living. I now wake excited for every day, grateful for every breath!

I decided to bring that mantra and optimism to others.

We can all use some positivity and optimism! My goal is help bring motivation and hope for every day. To my life, your life and as many others as possible (these aren’t just for cancer survivors…..every person deserves ease in their life!). I hope the Today I Choose products promote inspiration that spreads far beyond me. I wish for you to also choose to embrace the simple joys and blessings found in every day. No matter what we face, we all deserve to find ease and a bright spot in each day.

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Today I choose kindness.

I’m also pleased to share that a portion of all sales will benefit charities helping people impacted by cancer. Through August 2022, we’ll be supporting Livestrong’s cancer support programs.

So, my friends, what will YOU choose today? Tell me in the comments below!

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