Why you should choose a word of the year

Another new year is here! I’m excited for the possibilities available in the coming months. And I’m excited for my new word of the year! It’s such a great way to anchor in on the theme and goals that I’m focusing on this year. Keep reading to learn why you should choose a word of the year too.

Time to choose a word of the year

The past few years, instead of setting a lot of resolutions, I select a word to help focus and define my year.

I find a word of the year serves as a compass to guide and remind you of how you want to feel and behave, and what you want to do and achieve. The word also:

  • helps you focus on how you want feel
  • can apply to all areas of your life (personal, professional, financial, family, etc.)
  • is a steady reminder of how you want to feel and what you want to achieve throughout the year
  • unifies your goals under a common theme
  • lets you set smaller goals
  • anticipates positive outcomes

My word of the year so often is an anchor in my life. It overcomes the distractions and wayward paths, even the chaos, that may come during the year. It reminds me to focus on ME, that I matter and this is MY LIFE!

My past words have served me so well. It’s been at times surprising how the word fit into what was happening in my life – like it was meant to be! Here are a few of them:




Be Worthy


A year of abundance of good stuff

I’m excited to share that my 2024 word is ABUNDANCE!

This word really resonates with me. Over the past few years, I’ve been focused on training my mindset to choose positivity, optimism and love. And I want to focus my mindset to be open to and regularly choose an abundance of love, finances, great health, travel, fun adventures, time with family and friends, professional opportunities and so much more positivity! I want to be reminded to have an abundance of courage, ease, joy, and more. An abundant mindset helps me see more in my life – more choices, more opportunities, more resources.

I think this word will help me stay focused on what’s important and beneficial for me. Where I put my time, energy and emotions greatly matter to me. The quality of my life matters to me. As a three-time cancer survivor, every day is a gift. And I want to be open to welcoming an abundance of all good stuff!

Need help choosing your word of the year?

Have you decided on your word of the year? If so, share in the comments! I love learning other people’s words and themes for the year.

If you haven’t yet chosen your word, there’s still time! If you need help, you can download my free handout that includes some questions to help you reflect on the new year and choose your word of the year. Get the free download here.

I’m excited for the possibilities of the new year and welcome ALL the abundance of love, wealth, great health, adventure and more! What are you welcoming to your year?

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