Why you should speak kind words to yourself

Words matter. The words we say aloud can have an impact on who you’re speaking to. And the words we say to ourselves can be especially impactful. Keep reading to learn why you should speak kind words to yourself.

Do you ever catch yourself being super kind and compassionate to others but when it comes to yourself, you’re not so nice? Words matter, especially when we say them to ourselves.

Remembering to speak kind words to me too

It’s my personal mission to help others and spread kindness and compassion to the world. I’m often the first to jump in to volunteer to help others in need. Quite honestly, many people reach out to me when someone needs a bit of positivity or a pep talk. I guess it’s become my thing, which makes me happy and blushing to know that’s the impression people have of me.

But even I am guilty of not always sharing that kindness and compassion with myself. And I don’t know why. I love my life. I’m grateful for my body, health and the courage and strength to overcome so much. And still….as a three-time cancer survivor, I catch myself not being as nice to ME as I am to others. Check out some of these thoughts I have:

  • I judge what my body has gone through (why is it not strong enough to deflect these illnesses as others do?).
  • I get frustrated with the numerous side effects I’m managing post-treatment. What is wrong with me?
  • I look at my hair that has definitely changed texture since I last went through chemo and cold capping and now surgical menopause (with an estrogen inhibitor drug).
  • I get sad and lonely at the circumstances I’ve navigated through.
  • I have self-doubt, imposter syndrome and more.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?? Please say yes so I don’t feel alone!

But the good news is that I also have an awareness that these thoughts pop up uninvited. I know that they’re not true. When I catch myself saying or repeating them, I refocus my thoughts and choose my words again. I have the choice to be kind to myself. And so do YOU!

Why you should speak kind words to yourself

Research shows that the inner dialogue we have with ourselves can positively or negatively impact our overall life. Self-talk impacts our mindset, actions, motivation and more. So if you continuously say negative words to yourself, you will begin to limit your ability to change for the better. And when you limit yourself, you may struggle to rise beyond the words you say about yourself or grow beyond the image you create in your mind.

So let’s change that. Can you be BOLD enough to choose something different? Yes, you can. I believe in you!

I am a big fan of I AM affirmations. These are typically short positive sentences about yourself or the ideal version of yourself. They can help reframe your mind and boost your self-confidence. When you create and then repeat a positive I AM statement, you are affirming that belief about yourself and committing it to your mind. I truly believe in the power of choosing our mindset to improve our lives. These type of statements have been a game changer for me during my cancer treatments, divorce and many other challenging situations. I AM worthy of good things. And so are you!

Here is an activity that you can try with I AM statements to remind yourself of your greatness.

  • Get a piece of paper and pen.
  • Write down five I AM statements that positively describe yourself or the ideal version of yourself.
  • Speak these statements aloud throughout the day. Repeat the practice every day for a week. Then you can write new I AM statements.

Hint: I often stand in front of a mirror when saying these powerful I AM statements. Looking at myself as I’m speaking positively about ME is a reminder to love myself and choose kindness and compassion for me too.

Need some help getting started? Here are some I AM statement examples:

  • I AM creative.
  • I AM living my best life.
  • I AM a source of inspiration and joy for others.
  • I AM proud of myself.

New I AM affirmation cards to help inspire you

Want some extra motivation and help in speaking kind words to yourself? I’m excited to share my new I AM affirmation card deck! These cards provide various I AM statements to remind you of your worth, courage, and more. Check out the I AM card deck here.

Let’s hear those kind words!

Now that we’ve talked about why you should speak kind words to yourself, are you willing to do it? Share a positive I AM statement in the comments. And make sure you say it aloud to yourself!

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